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The Top Reasons CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD) Could Be a Game Changer

CB of Denver has positioned itself in the heart of a European CB industry with approximately twice the addressable market of the U.S.’s. (1)    As of 2020, the EU’s CB market was also worth about €450 million, or 31% of the global market share.(1) By 2023, this market could also skyrocket to at least €1.5 billion and grow by an astronomical 400%. (1)

CB of Denver’s foundation is in Switzerland. The Swiss CB market is located in the center of Europe with a sizable population. Generally, it also has a more liberal and developed green leaf policy than the rest of Europe. (1) It could also be a $2.7 billion industry by 2028. (13) 

Through a growth strategy focused on Acquisitions, Wholesale, and Retail & B2B, CB of Denver, CB of Denver saw revenue skyrocket 467% from April 2020 to April 2021, (2) and another 21.7% from April 2021 to May 2021. (11)

The company has already closed 5 acquisitions.(1) It also has 8-10 potential targets identified and approached, 2-4 potential targets under review, and 3 potential targets already in the negotiation phase.(1)

Similar catalysts remain that sent the CBDD stock soaring approximately 5328.57% between July 2020 to February 2021. (7)

The Catalysts Keep Coming for the Green Leaf Sector.

For instance, just the other day, Connecticut became the 18th state in the U.S. to legalize adult use. (10)  Yes. This is indeed just the latest sign that the U.S. market continues to open up as a haven for green leaf enthusiasts, businesses, and investors. 

However, get this. There’s a company out there in the heart of this sector taking a different and global approach. An approach so cutting-edge and unique in a skyrocketing industry that it may be the very best way to play this generational green rush. 

With a multifaceted and revolutionary business model, CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD), looks like the most disruptive play in this booming market.

Don’t be fooled by the name. This isn’t another gimmicky green company from Colorado. Through multiple angles, this company, via acquisitions, wholesale, retail & B2B, could conquer a market twice the size of the U.S.’s, with potentially more blue sky growth potential. 

In theory, yes, the U.S. is a world superpower. However, Europe’s addressable CB market is roughly 746.4 million people and nowhere near as developed. (1) 

Additionally, as of 2020, the market was worth about €450 million, or 31% of the global market share. (1) By 2023, this market could skyrocket to at least €1.5 billion and grow by an astronomical 400%. (1)

Plus, according to Technical420: (5)

“When compared to Canada and the U.S., the cann-a-bis industry in markets like the EU or South America is much less saturated and we find this to be significant.” (11)

Another reason we are favorable on the lack of saturation in these markets is related to the pricing of cann-a-bis . When compared to Canada and the U.S., the cost of cann-a-bis is significantly higher at the consumer level in markets in the EU and we are favorable on the profitability metrics that are associated with these regions.”

However, CB of Denver’s triangular growth strategy positioned in Switzerland sets them apart from others. In fact, Switzerland may be the very best CB opening on the entire continent.

Although the cann-a-bis industry is still in its infancy stages in Switzerland and Europe, it is legal to grow, produce, and sell CB products in Switzerland.(1) Better, Switzerland is the only country able to grow cann-a-bis up to a 1% TH-C-Level.(1) The legal framework for cann-a-bis is also comparatively more liberal and developed than the rest of Europe.(1)

Not to mention, Switzerland’s geographic location in the center of Europe, along with a population of about 8,654,622 people(3), positions it as a country that could become the face of Europe’s flourishing CB space.

With he-mp legalization becoming mainstream, especially in Switzerland, a growing number of various CB-infused products are now available in mass markets, leading to potential increases in consumer spending.

That’s why CB of Denver, United States OTC: (CBDD), may well be on the way to becoming the next game-changing CB company.