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With 2021 Revenues Soaring 195%,C-BD of Denver
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Press Release August 3, 2021

CBD of Denver Reports Revenue of $2.018 Million in July 2021, Up 195% Year-Over-Year



CB-D of Denver focuses on the budding European legal CB-D and cann-a-bis market. A market that’s poised to be gigantic.

The company’s strategy is simple but genius. It targets inexpensive, little-known companies that can immediately add strength to its growing brand portfolio.

This strategy is effective. Very effective.

Prepare to have your mind blown; the company just reported $2.018 Million in revenue in July 2021, Up 195% Year-Over-Year.(11) This has left the skeptics STUNNED.

And they are just getting started! According to CEO Marcel Gamma, (19)

“We plan to execute another two to three acquisitions by end of this year. We are already very advanced in the due diligence process with one acquisition target and hope to be able to provide more details on this soon.”(8)

When It Comes to Maximizing Profit – Europe Is the Play

Europe’s addressable CB market is roughly 746.4 million people and nowhere near as developed as other markets such as North America. (1) Additionally, as of 2020, the market was worth about €450 million, or 31% of the global market share. (1) By 2023, this market could skyrocket to at least €1.5 billion and grow by an astronomical 400%.(1)

According to Technical420:(5)

“When compared to Canada and the U.S., the cann-a-bis  industry in markets like the EU or South America is much less saturated and we find this to be significant. Another reason we are favorable on the lack of saturation in these markets is related to the pricing of cann-a-bis. When compared to Canada and the U.S., the cost of cann-a-bis is significantly higher at the consumer level in markets in the EU and we are favorable on the profitability metrics that are associated with these regions.”(8)

With a multifaceted and revolutionary business model, CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD), could soon be a major player in this booming market.


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Source 5



CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD) – Potentially Undervalued With Generationally Explosive Growth


Green leaf stocks and other speculative sectors have had some ups and downs. CB of Denver is no exception, and as of October 12, 2021, traded at around $0.0073. (Source 20)

But, because of how this stock’s moved explosively in the past, coupled with its jaw-dropping revenue growth, it’s a stock that could be potentially at a very attractive level. 

Let’s look at what the CBDD stock did at the start of the year, for instance. It moved approximately 5,328.57% from roughly $0.0007 on Jul 10, 2020 to $0.038 on Jan 26, 2021.(7) While the stock has since cooled off, those same potential catalysts which sent the stock soaring could not only  remain. They could even be stronger currently than they were earlier in the year. The company continues to see its revenue skyrocket, its businesses expand, and its footprint in one of the largest green leaf markets in the world grow. 

So could we see a repeat of that 5000+% rally? Anything can happen. Between Aug 20, 2021 and Oct 12, 2021, the stock moved potentially 12.31% between $0.0065 and $0.0073. 


Based on the company’s fundamentals and explosive growth, not only could the company be trading at a significant discount, but it could very well be at the start of another breakout.



Who is CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD)?


CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD) is a full-line CB and he-mp oil company, producing and distributing cann-a-bis and CB products in Switzerland, Europe, and the U.S. CB of Denver is focused on using equity to acquire profitable assets at attractive valuations to create value for its shareholders and is driven by a passion for improving lives and strengthening communities by unleashing the full potential of cann-a-bis



To Switzerland and Beyond!


Although the cann-a-bis industry is still in its infancy stages in Switzerland and Europe, it is legal to grow, produce, and sell CB products in Switzerland.(1) Better, Switzerland is the only country able to grow cann-a-bis up to a 1% TH-C-Level.(1) The legal framework for cann-a-bis is also comparatively more liberal and developed than the rest of Europe.(13)


Furthermore, the Swiss cann-a-bis market is expected to grow to $2.7 billion by 2028. CBDD’s increasing foothold in this market provides a unique “Swiss quality” advantage that it plans to leverage as it expands into other lucrative markets in the EU and beyond.(13)
Not to mention, Switzerland’s geographic location in the center of Europe, along with a population of about 8,654,622 people,(3) positions it as a country that could become the face of Europe’s flourishing CB space.

But don’t think for a minute the company is hemming themselves into one country. They are active in over 50 European countries including, Germany, France, Luxemburg, Italy, the U.K. and more. (19)



CB of Denver’s U.S. OTC: (CBDD) Triangular Growth Strategy!


CB of Denver has a triangular growth strategy that could make it one of the most attractive companies in the entire space. The company’s growth strategy has already positioned it with potentially more attractive multiples than the U.S. and Canadian Markets.(1) It has also built itself into a Cash Flow positive and accretive business that continues increasing sales channels in underdeveloped markets.(1)


CB of Denver focuses on growing through Acquisitions, Wholesale, and Retail & B2B.



First and foremost, CB of Denver plans on expanding through buying Swiss competitors. The company established a private equity platform that gives investors a chance to directly invest in Swiss CB-Companies at very attractive multiples. This is through a model where CB of Denver acquires selected companies into its hub-and-spoke strategy to become one of the most prominent players in the Swiss market.

CBDD is currently executing its M&A strategy to acquire, grow, and support Swiss green leaf companies. But what’s especially encouraging is that this business model is expected to grow significantly faster than already impressive industry growth rates. CB companies operating in Europe trade for an average 12.4x price-to-sales multiple. Currently, based on 2020 unaudited pro forma results, CBDD is trading at just over 6x sales.(13)

The company’s overall goal is to acquire, grow and support Swiss Cann-a-bis Companies with revenue of 5.0 – 15.0 Million Dollars in the trailing twelve months.(1)

Already, the company has closed 5 acquisitions.(1) On top of this, the company has 8-10 potential targets identified and approached, 2-4 potential targets under review, and 3 potential targets already in the negotiation phase.(1) CB of Denver also has a strategic business development plan through expanding its geographical footprint, diversification of risk, and European Distribution Center in Austria.(1)



The first objective for CB of Denver’s acquisitions is to increase the volume of flower imports and sales. This is done by developing imports from other countries worldwide, acquiring new suppliers in the EU/U.S./Canada/South America, and expanding its client and partner network.
The other objective is adding new products to its expanding portfolio and expanding its footprint in new markets through building up its EU distribution network.

The company, as of late, has been making jaw-dropping moves in this segment of its business model.
On May 24, 2021, CB of Denver announced it signed a contract with one of the largest Swiss producers of premium CB flowers. Under the terms of the agreement, CB of Denver’s Rockflowr unit, its primary moneymaker, and face of its retail business segment, will take over all of the producer’s wholesale clients.(14)

“This contract will help us meet increasing demand while setting the stage for accelerated revenue growth,” stated CEO Marcel Gamma. “As part of the agreement, we have also secured the right of first refusal to potentially acquire the producer’s production sites.”(14)

Then, two days later, on May 26, 2021, the company announced that it started building out its own extraction and wash-down facility in Switzerland. This could be massive. This potentially gives the company the ability to process roughly two tons of flower in-house per month while simultaneously lowering outsourcing costs without added expenses.(15)

But this has not been the end of CB of Denver’s wholesale growth over the last few weeks. On June 14, 2021, the company announced an agreement with yet another large indoor Swiss producer of premium CB flowers. Under the terms of the deal, CBDD has full access to the producer’s entire production volume of 300 kilograms (kg) per month. (16)

“This is another important step to securing our supply chain for top quality CBD,” states CEO Marcel Gamma. “Top quality CB is heavily requested by our clients, and at current prices, this deal is worth around US$550,000 every month. With the right of first refusal for the producer’s production, we are able to significantly lower our supply chain risk as we execute on our plans to scale operations across Europe.”(16)

“Our growing list of premier partnerships enables us to serve our clients more efficiently,” added Pascal Siegenthaler, Managing Director Sales. “The addition of 300kg of production access further supports the improvement of our wholesale experience ensuring we have the right product for the right customers, which I believe will ultimately help us achieve our goal of driving long-term revenue growth.” (16)


Retail & B2B

On the retail & B2B side of things, CB of Denver has already built Rockflowr GmbH into potentially Switzerland’s top CB exchange.(9) Rockflowr, which boasts roughly 50 CB Strains, is simple to order, securely delivered, and secure and simple to pay.(9)

By continuously expanding the product portfolio for Retail & B2B, strengthening its market presence through focused marketing and social activities, and developing a new webshop and product landing pages, CB of Denver has its eye Rockflowr becoming a juggernaut for years to come.(1)

To further grow this brand, the company also plans to build a new call center and expand its footprint throughout Europe. Based on recent news, this plan could already be well on its way to implementing this strategy.

On June 17, 2021, CB of Denver announced the expansion of retail operations into Poland with a brand new sales rep office.(17) On top of establishing this new office, the company announced its first shipment of 120kg of high-margin CB products to the country of 36 million inhabitants.(17)
While Switzerland and Europe offer significant growth potential, the legal he-mp industry is especially in its infancy in Poland. The Polish Parliament only legalized such activities through an amended Act in July 2017.(17) Market researcher Euromonitor International also forecasts the market for he-mp and CB-derived products in Poland will reach 5 billion Polish Zlotys (US $1.25 billion) by 2025.(17)

“Legal cann-a-bis products are gaining momentum in Poland,” commented Marcel Gamma, CEO of CB of Denver. “We are seeing demand for CB oils growing especially quickly, as well as demand for dried hemp used for vaporizations and inhalants. With a new sales rep on the ground in this burgeoning market, I am confident we can scale sales rapidly in the quarters ahead.” (17)

On the retail side, CB of Denver also boasts BlackPearlCB. This high-quality CB product has 0% T-HC. Yet, it is not an Isolate where the T-HC is stripped from the product rendering it ineffective. The company uses a proprietary technique adding terpenes as the activation ingredient, resulting in a product that could be one of the finest in the industry.(2)


Strong Leadership, Strong Results- CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD)


The leadership team steering CB of Denver has over 35 Years of experience in Finance & Investments and the green leaf industry.(1) Undoubtedly, this firm looks primed to grow the existing business while further developing strategic partnerships, expanding internationally, and covering all CB industry areas in Europe.


Marcel Gamma CEO & Chairman

Senior Executive with 30+ years working experience in several industries. Higher Education with a MA in Accounting & Finance from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and an MBA in International Business from Brunel University London.

Pascal Siegenthaler COO & Board Member

Business Development and Sales Executive with 10+ years proven track record in several industries globally. Higher Education with a BA in Hospitality & Marketing from University of Applied Sciences in Hospitality in Zurich.

Melanie Grecuccio CFO

Finance and Fiduciary Expert with 10+ years of proven experience in several international industries. Higher Education in Business School in Geneva.

Silvan Mastel Head Analytics

Analytics Expert with long-standing international experience in several industries. Higher Education with a BBA from GLION Institute of Higher Education in Lausanne.




The Top Reasons CB of Denver U.S. OTC: (CBDD) Could Be a Game Changer


  1. CB of Denver has positioned itself in the heart of a European CB industry with approximately twice the addressable market of the U.S.’s.(1) As of 2020, the EU’s CB market was also worth about €450 million, or 31% of the global market share.(1) By 2023, this market could also skyrocket to at least €1.5 billion and grow by an astronomical 400%.(1)
  2. CB of Denver’s foundation is in Switzerland. The Swiss CB market is located in the center of Europe with a sizable population. Generally, it also has a more liberal and developed green leaf policy than the rest of Europe.(1) It could also be a $2.7 billion industry by 2028.(13)
  3. Through a growth strategy focused on Acquisitions, Wholesale, and Retail & B2B, CB of Denver, CB of Denver saw revenue skyrocket 467% from April 2020 to April 2021,(2) and another 21.7% from April 2021 to May 2021.(11)
  4. The company has already closed 5 acquisitions.(1) It also has 8-10 potential targets identified and approached, 2-4 potential targets under review, and 3 potential targets already in the negotiation phase.(1)
  5. Similar catalysts remain that sent the CBDD stock soaring approximately 5328.57% between July 2020 to February 2021.(7)


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